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PSP9 - other version can be used as well

Supplies: Download here

A lot of lots of patience

Tubes of own choice or mine (not made by me) as I have used to this tutorial

Level: Easy to Intermediate

A good idea to this tutorial is to make a folder to save all your images


1. Open a New Image > depending on the size of your background or wishes > 500 x 500 pixels > Transparent background

2. The background image > Open one of the tubes > Right click and Add as new layer (mine is a tree). > Put aside. Remember to keep this separate as you are going to use the " blank" background image many times as - make a new copy each time.

3. Open the book tube or a tube of your own choice > resize to 15% > here is possible to make a choice. Either make the book resizing first or you can add it to the background image as long as you go, as you have to "glue" each size to your image anyway. It should end up and fill the lower part of the image. > Make a bigger size for each image you do. The smoothness of the movements "film" depends on how many images you make, the more the smoother.

4. Copy your backgrounds images > Add your tube and put it where you want it to show. > Layers > Merge > Merge VISIBLE > save as name.psp or if you prefer numbers as it will be easier to us in AS. For example 1.psp to the last x.psp

5. Repeat #4 with a bigger size of book tube each time > remember to place the tube "upon" the other (I know I repeat my self. ) ..So maybe it would be a good idea to have the "rulers" activate to help you to place the tube > Yes !! It IS a work of patience.

6. When you are done with the last book image which should now be in the original size MAKE a copy before you Merge Visible as the other's. because you are going to use this as well for the next animation (if you wish) The copy you have made is going to be used several times, so be careful you don't by mistake Merge it, so have an extra copy in case an accident should happen.

7. Now open the first Pegasus or tube of your choice > Add as new layer > pull it under the book so you only can see the tip of the wing > Layers > Merge > Merge visible. Save as x.psp like the other images you have done.

8. Open the other Pegasus or tube of your own > Add as new layer on one of the copies you made the Pegasus > add as new layer at one of the copies you made > Layers > Arrange > Move down until it is under the book but a little above the first Pegasus > Layers > Merge > merge visible

9. Repeat #7 and #8 until you have what you feel you need for your animation.

10. Open AS and use Animation Wizard (up left corner) to collect your images > Click next until you see .. " Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely > set the number 40 or 60 > continue (depends on how fast or slow you want it) till you have the window

"Add Image". open > find your image. > open > OK > add image > continue this till you have all your images collected. > Click next and you will have your "film" in AS > Save as GIF and you're done.

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