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Photo Impact 12 (no material) and PSP

Level: Easy to Intermediate

1. Open an image in PhotoImpact12 (X2), it is the pattern you choose to use as texture on your nametag. Any image or pattern can be used.

2: Find the font to use for this nametag - it doesn't matter which size you choose (124 is the biggest amount in this program).

To this tutorial is the font "Fairy dust" Try the settings as shown on the image, when the name is written and still highligtede/marked > go to "transform tool"

When the name is shown in the box, then

Palette > Animation Gallery > Animation Type > "Emboss1", double click>

3. Testing the animation can be done here > to get use to the animation function "play around! to get hang of it, > Save as - name.gif then go to your PSP animation 3 if the nametag needs to be resized>

In AS you resize your nametag with this setting "length 256 - Height 110" and "Save as" name.gif or/and you can rename it if you want to keep the bigger file. You are done.