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Cool Valentine

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February 6, 2006



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PSP9 – Other versions can be used as well

Supplies: Download here

Filters: Toadies - EyeCandy4 - Mehdi Kaleidoscope 2.1
Tubes: Flower - Heart - Wheels 1-2
Patterns: mci-gold
Preset: mci-mysoftedges

( I don't support with filter links anymore as they often are changed/broke/dead and I don't have the time to update my pages that often - You will be able to find them with a search machine.)

Click the big numbers to see the image settings

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  < Pointer.


Open a new image 500 x500 pixels - Transparent background > Draw with your paintbrush tool a close zigzag line from top to bottom - but start app. 20 pixels from the top and stop at 20 pixels from the bottom > See image 1 for settings to get an idea >

02. Activate and copy the flower tube and paste as new layer > Layers > Merge > Merge visible >

Effects > Toadies > Ommadawn > See image 2 for settings > Effects > EyeCandy 4 > Motion Trails > See image 3 for settings > Put this aside for a moment >

04. Copy the flower tube into a new image 500 x 500 pixels > Effects > Toadies > Ommadawn with default settings >
05. With Magic wand > Se image 4 for settings > Select all the black lines you are able to, by holding shift down and click in the lines > Fill with gold pattern of your choice or use mine > Effects > 3D Effects > Inner bevel with settings at image 5 or if you have the preset "mysoftedges" > 3D Effects > Drop shadow > see image 6 for settings > Deselect
06. Copy and paste the layer to your main image as new layer > Layers > Merge > Merge Visible > Put aside
07. Open the heart tube > Copy and paste into a new image 500 x 500 pixels > Transparent background > Effects > Mehdi > Kaleidoscope 2.1 > See image 7 for settings > Or you can use one of the wheels attached to this tutorial > Copy the layer > (Feel free to use another tube you like)
08. Open AS = Animation SHop > Copy and paste the "wheel" into AS as new animation > Go to top tool bar > Animation > Add image Effect > See image 8 for settings > Depending of which way you want it to run click "Run effect in reverse direction" > Save as 1.gif > Put aside for a moment >
09. Back to PSP > Copy the flower tube and paste as new layer on your main image > Copy the heart tube and paste as new layer > Place the flower and heart where you like >

Remember to save often.

10. Make sure to get the right layers to work together > Layers palette > Close the first layer (merged from earlier) Click on one of the other layers > Layers > Merge > Merge visible > Open the layer you closed > You have now 2 merged layers > Time to save > Save as "name".psp >
11. Copy the "name".psp and paste as new image > Close the original (to have "just in case") Copy the bottom layer (the ommadawn one) Click at it on the Layers palette > Paste it into AS as new animation >
12. IN AS > Right click on the image and hit Copy > Then hold CTRL key down while you click on L key 16 times or till you have 16 frames > IMPORTANT !! > Make sure you have Propagate Paste icon marked > See image 9 > and have both your wheel and your newly made background as "Select All" >
  13. Right click on the wheel animation which is " All selected" > Click Copy >
  14. Open the newly made background (ommadawn) and > Hold CTRL down plus hold A key down WHILE you hit E key > you should have the wheel animation UNDER the cursor > Place it so it easy to see an and yet will be hidden a little behind the Flower and Heart (if you check back in PSP you will see where it suppose to be) > Try till you get it right A if you are not satisfied hit the UNDO arrow and try again >
  15. Back to PSP > Copy the top merged layer and paste it as a new animation into AS ( and no you don't need to make more frames of this) > Right click and Copy > Back to AS > Repeat as in 14 > CTRL + A + E keys and you have the image under your cursor > Put it where you like it to be and your animation is done. Save as "name".gif
  16. To put text on the image > Go back to PSP > activate your name.psp > Layers > Add new layer > Find the font > Write your text and make sure it fits the image and set it where you like > See image 11 to get an idea >
  17. Copy your text layer and do the same as in 14 / 16 > Add watermark the same way > Save > You are done
    Remember to resize to a good size if not already > Can be done easily in AS


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